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"A Quiet Place" - Screamingly Good.

Jon Krasinski must of taken plenty of notes when he watched “Stranger Things”.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Still is from “A Quiet Place” 2018.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Still is from “A Quiet Place” 2018. it me, or have successful horror movies been different lately? First “Get Out”, then “IT” now “A Quiet Place”...boy have we had a good shake of horror movies in the last couple years and I think we have the creators of “Stranger Things” to thank for it. Without further a-do, lets jump into WHY this film is so successful.

Production Value: 

     I don’t know where to start here. From set design to costumes, practical effects to cgi, there isn’t a lot to hate in this film. Positive things to note : Lighting, the lighting in this film is impeccable. From environmental lighting to character lighting, the whole thing is lit so impressively not even New Year’s Eve in New York can compete.   I keep getting drawn back to when John Krasinski and Son crest over the hill to see a sea of red lights that you would confuse with Christmas had you not understood the dire circumstances. Next thing of note would be: Cinematography; wow finally a horror that doesn’t over use upside-down or Dutch angles. The direction team clearly wanted to stick with the basics when it came to camera setups and movements, and boy did it pay off. Production Design; give the set designer an award, the simple yet compelling sets inside and outside the house help to make you feel how strongly this family is trying to hold onto humanity while living with something that decided they were dinner.


     The story reminds me a lot of “Signs” know, that movie starring that anti-Semite Mel Gibson, but, I would argue the lack of religious spin on this film helps lend to its better universal appeal. “A Quiet Place” is a roller coaster ride of tension from the moment the movie begins, and John Krasinski does a great job with over analyzing the noisiness of things we do each and every day. Things as simple as walking and breathing can be deadly in the wrong environment. What the story lacks in originality(alien life forms with no known weakness ravage the world while their true weakness is their greatest strength) it makes up for in delivery. Great writing is backed up by hitchcock-style foreboding and dramatic irony is sewn through each twist of the plot. I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of this one..Something that rarely happens in the movies today even when it comes to the fate of an entire universe...never mind a small family of five.

Photo Courtesy of Still is from “Signs” 2002.

Photo Courtesy of Still is from “Signs” 2002.

Entertainment Value: 

     Given the excellent Production Value (minus the CGI”ish” problems; I don’t like seeing CGI a lot.) and the excellent delivery of story(minus originality) I think “A Quiet Place” Delivers a tremdous entertainment value with average re-watchability. The acting ensemble does a great job at delivering the stress of the moment and together has a fantastic dynamic. Husband and Wife deliver the “married couple” feel quite well on screen, and the kids deliver some of the best acting we have seen in a movie this year. The story is dramatic and impactful but watching this movie more than twice might start to get boring. I highly suggest going to see this in the theater instead of waiting for this on streaming services.


Final Judgement:

     Horror has come a long way in the last two years, and movies like this make me excited for more like it. 2016...the year story-telling came back to horror, it continues into 2018. Great job John Krasinski and company, ths film gets a solid B+/A-. Don’t believe me? Don’t take my word for it, go see it yourself! Come to your own conclusions? After all, I am just a random dude writing movie reviews for the first time! See the trailer and buy tickets below!


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